Flourishing in our new autonomy requires that we construct secure habitats in which to dwell. Cutting edge materials and methods provide unimaginable new options, allowing us greater mobility, and access to many previously uninhabitable environments.

Meet SAM, Brick Laying Robot That Does The Work Of 6 Humans

In the latest installment of our "Dear Bernie" series, posts intended to inform the Vermont Senator about the unintended, negative consequences of minimum wage hikes, we present SAM (Semi-Automated Mason), a brick laying robot designed and engineered

Refillable vest offers last-mile wearable transport for clean water

While water scarcity gets a lot of attention, simply transporting this vital resource is in itself a huge dilemma.

How to Break Down a Door: An Illustrated Guide

How to Break Down a Door: An Illustrated Guide

Second hardest transparent material developed from common industrial ceramic silicon nitride

Scientists have for the first time developed a transparent sample of a popular industrial ceramic that is the second hardest material after diamond and can withstand substantially higher temperatures.

New modeling of fullerite and diamand based ultrahard materials

Russian physicists modeled a fullerite and diamond-based structure and demonstrated that the MIPT press office said.

Extraordinary Hotel Built 2,200 Meters Above Sea Level Is Made From Shipping Containers

This gorgeous hotel is constructed from shipping containers and left the landscape untouched.

2 tesla Magnetic Shield placed at Mars Lagrange point...

An inflatable structure(s) can generate a magnetic dipole field at a level of perhaps 1 or 2 Tesla (or 10,000 to 20,000 Gauss) as an active shield against the solar wind and allow the Martian atmosphere to thicken overtime.

This Company Just Made A 3D-Printed Home In 24 Hours For $10K

There's no doubt about it, this technology is a game-changer.

Trailer Park Houses Are the Original Tiny Homes

Given that "redneck" and "hillbilly" remain the last acceptable stereotypes among polite society, it isn't surprising that the stereotypical urban home of poor, recently rural whites remains an object of scorn.

Is Their Something About to Happen? Luxury Bunker Sales Going Through the Roof

When ordinary people begin to accumulate survival gear and build bunkers in their backyards, it's a sign of the times. It's what ordinary people did throughout the Cold War, and it's what a lot of ordinary people have been doing since 9/11. But

This Guy Is Building a Sustainable Martian Habitat in His Backyard

Early last year, Jeff Raymond was hit with an epiphany. Despite enjoying the benefits of agricultural developments, he and his wife came to realize they weren't doing anything to contribute to sustainable agriculture themselves.

Solar Panel Farm Yields 17,000 Tons Of Food Annually In The Worst Climates

Sundrop Farms is challenging traditional farming by producing food in the worst areas of the world.

How To Make a Dutch Bucket Filmed by my wife

How To Make a Dutch Bucket Filmed by my wife

Tesla Powerwall 2 Now Shipping With 2170 Gigafactory Batteries Inside

Tesla is finally ready to begin Powerwall 2 production and deliveries in earnest after fulfilling early batch of Powerpack 2 orders.

NASA developing carbon nanotube-based, ultra-high strength, lightweight aerospace---

--- structural material within five years for Stronger and lighter vehicles and Mars habitats

World's Highest Airship

JP Aerospace's Tandem airship flew to 95,085 feet on October 22, 2011...The thirty foot long craft flew for just over three hours. JP Aerospace, America's OTHER Space Program

Perovskite mixed into solar ink can print 20.1% efficient solar onto glass or plastic

A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper.

The Most Insane Yacht on Earth Just Got Even Insaner

AS FAR AS sporting trophies go, it's hard to find any older than the America's Cup. Sailing teams have been fighting over the ornate, sterling silver ewer since 1851.

Fully Autonomous Ships Almost Here

In response to Amazon Enters Trillion Dollar Ocean Freight Business: How Many Jobs Will Vanish? a reader commented fully autonomous ships will not be here until 2050. Actually, 2020-2025 seems like a realistic timeline.

Trump may fund the Spacex Mars Colonization plan

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has made trips to Trump Tower. He met with Trump and the Washington Post has ben reliably told, discussed Mars and public-private partnerships.

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

Britta Riley wanted to grow her own food (in her tiny apartment). So she and her friends developed a system for growing plants in discarded plastic bottles -- researching, testing and tweaking the system using social media, trying many variations at

Bowl-Shaped Roofs Harvest Rainwater To Naturally Cool Homes In Arid Environments

This intriguing concept collects rainwater and cools homes in desertic climates.

Inexpensive new solar still ups water purification efficiency

In areas where clean water isn't easily accessible, solar stills can help purify available water that might be dirty or salty.

'Cloaking' Film for Windows Blacks Out the Screens Within

THE MODERN WORKPLACE has a cultural problem. Open-plan offices and glass-walled conference rooms promote transparency, but they also make it impossible to conduct business privately.

These slow-burning logs made out of coffee grounds, paraffin wax...

Most people throw out their coffee grounds without a second thought. Some toss them on the compost heap for fertilizer. A few students, however, are using spent coffee grounds in another way, one that is capable of helping others in need.

Robotic Fabricator Can precisely lay brick and weld wire...

A construction robot has to be powerful enough to handle heavy material, small enough to enter standard buildings, and flexible enough to navigate the terrain.

Elon Musk will start making traffic busting tunnels next month

Elon Musk thinks being stuck in traffic is "soul-destroying" -- but, he has a solution: tunnels. Musk has been tweeting about tunnels for a month now, and even said he's going to build a tunnel boring machine and start digging. In developed ci

Scientists unleash graphene's innate superconductivity

Already renowned for its potential to revolutionize everything from light bulbs and dental fillings through to semiconductors and motorcycle helmets, graphene can now add innate superconductivity to its repertoire.

Creating atomic scale graphene nanoribbons

Silicon crystals are the semiconductors most commonly used to make transistors, which are critical electronic components used to carry out logic operations in computing.

3D Concrete Printing. Hurricane, Tornado Resistant Houses

The first commercially-available 3D Concrete Printer will be available for purchase soon -

Nanocomp Technologies makes builk carbon nanotubes 100 times longer at 1-10 ....

A new commercial manufacturing process for carbon nanotubes (CNTs) produces tubes in the range of 1–10 mm in length (5–12-nm dia.), two orders of magnitude longer than currently available CNTs, which typically have lengths from 5–20µm.

Luxury solar yacht is just as spectacular as we anticipated

Remember the luxury zero emission Solarwave 62 catamaran designs from the end of 2015?

Family Thrives In The Arctic Circle By Building Cob House Inside A Solar Geodesic Dome

This geodesic dome home was made from recycled building materials, is outfitted with solar panel technology, and enables its hosts to grow food year-round.

Staying Off Grid When "Nearly Everything Is Chipped, Almost Everything Is Tracked"

If you weren't paranoid before, it may be time to start paying attention. "They" are spying on everything you do, and are collecting information about every purchase, appliance, vehicle or place you make, do or interact with. For the first t

ULTIMATE BugOut Bag Part I

In this episode we cover the contents of my Bug Out Bag. This is a two part series. Please like, share, and subscribe.

Towards roll to roll graphene production

An innovative new cheap and simple mass production technique, developed by the University of Exeter, is set to open up the global potential of the 'wonder' material graphene.

Here are the last uncharted corners of the globe

Despite modern navigation systems, the world is still full of mystery

Tesla, Panasonic agree to make PV cells in Buffalo, New York

TOKYO (AP) -- Japanese electronics company Panasonic and U.S. electric car maker Tesla said Tuesday they plan to begin production of photovoltaic cells and modules at a factory in Buffalo, New York.

Las Vegas Is Now Running Entirely On 100% Renewable Energy

'Sin City' is the largest city in the U.S. to run entirely on renewable energy.

How to Build a Quinzee Snow Shelter [Illustrated Guide]

Whether you're trying to survive in the frigid wilderness or you're camping out in the winter for fun, building a quinzee is a great option for creating a shelter from the elements.

The incredible thousand-year-old UNDERGROUND 18-storey city...

The incredible thousand-year-old UNDERGROUND 18-storey city that could house 20,000 people and was discovered by chance when a man was doing DIY on his house in Turkey

LPP Fusion reviewed at Mars Conference

Gerald Black - Nuclear Fusion is the solution to energy problems and to advance space propulsion

Beyond Dome City colonies to Shell Worlds or Paraterraforming...

Existing covered areas and domes on Earth are in the 30-40 acre ranges and with costs of $400 million to 1 billion.

Aether Cruise Experience

This is my final year university project for Transport Design BA (Hons) at the University of Huddersfield. This is a luxury cruise concept based upon an airship platform. This allows passengers to travel at high speed in luxury. It is also provide t

This home could be built using a hex key in under 24 hours

Building space is increasingly at a premium in central Beijing and even cramped apartments can fetch a small fortune, but China's People's Architecture Office (PAO) recently completed a new home for a first-time buyer for just US$10,000.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Is The Best Of The Best: 30% Cheaper Than The Competition

Australian RenewEconomy evaluated 30 different home energy storage systems and found out that Tesla's offer on its latest energy storage system is the best of the best.