Humanity’s labor has been greatly expanded by the use of machines. We must maintain decentralized automation for the future use of labor saving and humanity serving tools, or we will be victims of the Crown’s automatons.

Domino's Will Begin Using Robots to Deliver Pizzas in Europe

Starship Technologies, the London-based company that has created six-wheeled self-driving delivery robots, will begin taking customers Domino's pizzas in Germany and the Netherlands.

Meet SAM, Brick Laying Robot That Does The Work Of 6 Humans

In the latest installment of our "Dear Bernie" series, posts intended to inform the Vermont Senator about the unintended, negative consequences of minimum wage hikes, we present SAM (Semi-Automated Mason), a brick laying robot designed and engineered

How Jetpacks could shape the future of personal transport

Earlier this month, we witnessed the first "civilian" flight of a real-life jetpack made by Jetpack Aviation. During our time at the test site in California, we also made a point of pulling aside company founder and CEO David Mayman to ask him where

A Startup's Plan To Cut Air Freight Costs In Half With 777-Size Drones

In 2020, Natilus's huge unmanned planes could carry 200,000 pounds of goods across the world. But first, a 30-foot prototype must pass test runs.

Elon Musk has launched a company that hopes to link your brain to a computer

Elon Musk has launched a company dedicated to linking human brains with computers, The Wall Street Journal's Rolfe Winkler reported Monday.

How Nanotechnology Is Going to Bring About a Strange New Age of Warfare

Normally in warfare, bigger is better. Most militaries are always looking for something that'll make a bigger impact.

Improved materials for interfacing neural tissue with electronic biomedical devices

Modern electronic biomedical devices are enabling a wide range of sophisticated health interventions, from seizure detection and Parkinson's disease therapy to functional artificial limbs, cochlear implants and smart contact lenses.

Second hardest transparent material developed from common industrial ceramic silicon nitride

Scientists have for the first time developed a transparent sample of a popular industrial ceramic that is the second hardest material after diamond and can withstand substantially higher temperatures.

Elon Musks 'Neural Lace' To 'Achieve Symbiosis With Machines'

Transhumans believe they will escape the laws of sin and death, ultimately merging with machines and computers to live forever. Musk's plan is an attempt to co-opt Artificial Intelligence by merging with it and to avoid being destroyed by it. ? T

Robocop Rising: Police Love Knightscope's New Crime-Fighting Robots

Technocrats build because they can, and in the process, humanity is being deep-conditioned to be willingly controlled by robots, AI and Smart Assistants. The creators will eventually serve their creations. ? TN Editor

Google's DeepMind Discovers How To Remember Outcomes, Learn Faster

This development is likely what caused Google's Technocrat/Transhuman Ray Kurzweil to declare that Singularity will be reached in 2029 instead of 2045. Remembering is a dangerous outcome if they are faulty to begin with, or worse, prejudiced agains

Oxford's lip-reading AI outperforms humans

Lip-reading is an inexact science, with motoring mouths making it hard to attribute sounds to each individual movement.

Several tech billionaires are openly or secretely funding broadband mind computer interfacing...

Last year Bryan Johnson, founder of the online payments company Braintree, starting making news when he threw $100 million behind Kernel, a startup he founded to enhance human intelligence by developing brain implants capable of linking people's th

Platoon of Driverless Trucks Test Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC)

A platoon of driverless trucks equipped with Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) appeared on the 110 freeway in San Pedro.

Guess What Uber's Promising Now: Flying Cars

Forget self-driving cars, Uber has a new one for you… flying cars.

Three layers of graphene reveals a new kind of magnet

However, in graphene -- one atom thick graphite -- the density of electrons is much smaller and can be changed by making a transistor. As a result of the low density of electrons the wave nature of electrons, as described by quantum mechanics, is eas

Burger-flipping robot replaces humans on first day at work

A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans at the grill.

Volkswagen's Bizarre Looking Sedric: The Future of Driverless Shared Rides?

Volkswagen unveiled Sedric at the Geneva Motor Show. It's a bizarre looking vehicle, clearly not suitable for anything but the best-paved roads.

IBM launches IBM Q initiative to create 50+ qubit universal quantum computer

IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build a commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science

Review: DJI Mavic, the pro-grade camera drone that fits in your pocket

The pace the drone industry moves at is terrifying.

How fast and impactful will artificial intelligence...

How fast and impactful will artificial intelligence, new wave automation and robotics be on job markets ?

FL Transportation Authority: Driverless Vehicles Will Replace Rail System

The Ultimate Urban Circulator would deploy autonomous vehicles onto the current Skyway route and expand into other neighborhoods and developments.

More rigid molecular magnets could boost hard drive capacity 1000 times

Ground-breaking research led by Prof Stefano Sanvito, Director of the CRANN Institute at Trinity College Dublin and Investigator in the Science Foundation Ireland funded centre AMBER, .....

Floating farm of the future to produce 20 tons of vegetables a day

(Natural News) There is a massive problem threatening mankind's future: The Earth's population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and our food supply is simply not keeping pace. The total number of people on the planet is expected to rea

This Guy Is Building a Sustainable Martian Habitat in His Backyard

Early last year, Jeff Raymond was hit with an epiphany. Despite enjoying the benefits of agricultural developments, he and his wife came to realize they weren't doing anything to contribute to sustainable agriculture themselves.

Minimum Wage Massacre: Wendy's Unleashes 1,000 Robots To Counter Higher Labor Costs

In yet another awkwardly rational response to government intervention in deciding what's "fair", the blowback from minimum wage demanding fast food workers has struck again.

Boston Dynamics unveils 'nightmare-inducing' hybrid robot

Meet Handle, the two-wheeled, four-legged creation from the Google-owned robotics firm that even company founder Marc Raibert says is frightening

Could a robotic bike messenger ride the fast lane to autonomous delivery?

When picturing the autonomous delivery services of the near-future, you'll likely imagine drones buzzing overhead with packages in tow. But some ground-based robots are making a push into this area too, like the six-wheeled delivery droid recently di

Japanese Billionaire is creating a $100 billion investment fund...

SoftBank Group Corp.'s Masayoshi Son his belief that computers will exceed humans in intelligence in three decades, and that within this period he expects one computer chip to have the equivalent of a 10,000 IQ.

Meet the Self-Driving Car Built for Human-Free Racing

Designers get to have a lot of fun with self-driving cars.

There are two kinds of AI, and the difference is important

Most of today's AI is designed to solve specific problems

High-performance, low-energy artificial synapse for neural network computing

A new organic artificial synapse made by Stanford researchers could support computers that better recreate the way the human brain processes information. It could also lead to improvements in brain-machine technologies.

Next Gen Bipedal Robot Cassie - Behold The Future

Behold The Future...Agility Robotics evolves from OSU research, aims to revolutionize robot mobility. CORVALLIS, Ore. – The rapidly expanding robotics program in the College of Engineering at Oregon State University has spun off one of its first b

NASA developing carbon nanotube-based, ultra-high strength, lightweight aerospace---

--- structural material within five years for Stronger and lighter vehicles and Mars habitats

Eelume - Reshaping Underwater Operations

Eelume delivers intervention vehicles designed to live permanently under water. A cost saving and innovative technology for a greener and safer subsea future.

"Rebar graphene" foam supports 3,000 times its own weight

Graphene spends most of its time in a two-dimensional form, but that makes it hard to make use of its long list of advantages, like its strength, light weight, and electricity and heat conduction.

Walking robot takes first steps into the market

Some day in the not-too-distant future, an autonomous delivery van may pull up in front of your house.

Dubai plans roll out of chinese single passenger Ehang 184 self-flying pod taxis starting July 2017

Dubai has tested a Chinese prototype of a self-driving hover-taxi, its transport authority said on Monday, with the aim of introducing the aerial vehicle in the emirate by July.

Artificial Intelligence technical talent with F-you money...

For the past year, Google's car project has been a talent sieve, thanks to leadership changes, strategy doubts, new startup dreams and rivals luring self-driving technology experts.

Micromote now one cubic millimeter computer with a megabyte of flash memory....

In 2015, the Michigan Micro Mote constituted the first complete, operational computer system measuring as small as two millimeters across.

The Man Who Scared the World With 3D Printed Guns Isn't Going Anywhere

'The New Radical,' a documentary about 28-year-old Cody Wilson, premiered at Sundance, but not without contention. We spoke to Wilson and filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough to find out why.

Here Come The Robots - And They Are Going To Take Almost All Of Our Jobs

What is going to happen to society when robots are able to do just about everything better, faster and cheaper than human workers can?

Robotic prosthetic taps spinal nerve signals

While the act of picking up an object is something most of us take for granted, for prostheses users, it can be an exercise in frustration. For all their promise, brain-controlled bionic arms, both invasive and non-invasive, are still not ready to le

A real flying submarine drone

Innocorp has a new drone that is a flying submarine.

The age of the BIONIC BODY...

When The Six Million Dollar Man first aired in the Seventies, with its badly injured astronaut being rebuilt with machine parts, the TV show seemed a far-fetched fantasy.

DARPA aims to develop an integrated end-to-end platform that uses nucleic acid ....

Over the past several years, DARPA-funded researchers have pioneered RNA vaccine technology, a medical countermeasure against infectious diseases that uses coded genetic constructs to stimulate production of viral proteins in the body, which in turn

Spacex could relaunch a first stage booster in March and is working towards dozens ...

Elon Musk indicates that about 75 percent of the vehicle's costs are in the first stage booster.

Fast and forceful gel robots

Engineers at MIT have fabricated transparent gel robots that can perform a number of fast, forceful tasks, including kicking a ball underwater, and grabbing and releasing a live fish.

How to Keep Amazon Echo and Google Home From Responding to Your TV

Voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home are pretty smart, but they're not yet sharp enough to understand the difference between TV and reality. A Google commercial during yesterday's Super Bowl prompted Home to play whale noises,