Humanity’s labor has been greatly expanded by the use of machines. We must maintain decentralized automation for the future use of labor saving and humanity serving tools, or we will be victims of the Crown’s automatons.

Chinese firm halves worker costs by hiring army of robots to sort out 200,000 packages...

Chinese firm halves worker costs by hiring army of robots to sort out 200,000 packages a day

Google Rattles the Tech World With a New AI Chip for All

In a move that could shift the course of multiple technology markets, Google will soon launch a cloud computing service that provides exclusive access to a new kind of artificial-intelligence chip designed by its own engineers.

Robotic Touch: U Researchers Develop Way To Print Bionic Skin

Researchers at the University of Minnesota say they've developed a way to make "bionic skin," technology that could allow robots to feel their environments and humans to wear sensory-enhancing devices directly on their fingertips.

Robots May Help Build Your Next Home and Fill the Labor Gap

The future of U.S. homebuilding depends on more people like Cyndicy Yarborough, a 26-year-old former Wal-Mart clerk with no background in construction.

MIT's New Solar 3D Printer Can Build Houses On Other Planets

MIT has created a robot that is capable of printing the entire basic structure of a building. Most importantly, the system can be powered with solar panels.

Death Spiral for Car Ownership? End of Fuel-Powered Cars by 2024?

I have been a leading proponent that self-driving vehicles, especially trucks, will be here sooner than most think. My estimate for long-haul trucks taking over is 2021-2022 or so. Widespread adoption of self-driving cars will be slower.

Elon Musk just posted a bunch of pictures of his tunnel and 'Boring' equipment

Elon Musk has begun digging under Los Angeles. The entrepreneur posted Friday several pictures of equipment meant for digging tunnels beneath Los Angeles.

Technologist: AI Robots Will Replace Half Of Jobs In Next Decade

Technocrats are racing to apply AI to every facet of society, in an effort to completely re-engineer society and its economic system. Technocracy was a highly-defined alternative economic system designed to replace free enterprise and capitalism. ?

7 Amazing CNC Machines You Should Have

7 Awesome CNC Machines Every Maker Will Love Links to all the Gadgets shown in the Video

Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice

By studying the movement and bodies of insects such as ants, Sarah Bergbreiter and her team build incredibly robust, super teeny, mechanical versions of creepy crawlies … and then they add rockets.

Maurice Conti: The incredible inventions of intuitive AI

What do you get when you give a design tool a digital nervous system? Computers that improve our ability to think and imagine, and robotic systems that come up with (and build) radical new designs for bridges, cars, drones and much more -- all by th

Elon Musk: Tesla Semi Truck To Debut This September, Pick-Up Truck To Follow

The news flow from Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to be prolific.

How upgrading humans will become the next billion-dollar industry

Fifty years from now, today's humans will be obsolete, historian Yuval Harari says

Robots Take Over Tedious Chore: Mowing Lawns

In Richardson, a robot is reporting for its first day on the job.

Scientists Create Artificial Brain Connection That Mimics Human Brain

Scientists at publicly-funded universities are racing to create human-like artificial intelligence that will displace the humans who funded them in the first place. Ethical and moral debate is entirely missing in this field. ? TN Editor

Linguists now working to replace human journalists with robots that can write the news

(Natural News) Can robots write our news? Researchers from the Media Management and Transformation Center (MMTC) at Jönköping International Business School mean to answer this question by launching a news site project that is entirely facilitated,

Meet Sally, the Robot Who Makes Perfect Salads

Chowbotics Inc. claims that its device can make a salad faster and more precisely suited to your caloric desires than a human can.

SALTO - Berkeley's Leaping Robot

Robotics at UC Berkeley have designed a small robot that can leap into the air and then spring off a wall, or perform multiple vertical jumps in a row, resulting in the highest robotic vertical jumping agility ever recorded.

8 Advanced Robots Animal You NEED To See

8 Advanced Robots Animal You NEED To See

Amazon, Alibaba will use self driving vehicles, robotics, 3d printing and AI to ...

Amazon, which currently charges a $99 annual fee for two-day deliveries under its "Prime" service, will eventually offer two-tier pricing for delivery services, Jindel said.

How humans will lose control of artificial intelligence

This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, but with a paper clip. In this scenario, the designers of the world's first artificial superintelligence need a way to test their creation.

Domino's Will Begin Using Robots to Deliver Pizzas in Europe

Starship Technologies, the London-based company that has created six-wheeled self-driving delivery robots, will begin taking customers Domino's pizzas in Germany and the Netherlands.

Google on track to make quantum computer faster than classical computers within 7 months

John Martinis, one of Google's quantum computing gurus, laid out Google's "stretch goal": to build and test a 49-qubit ("quantum bit") quantum computer by the end of 2017. This computer will use qubits made of superconducting circuits. Ea

New Paper Ream-Like Battery Boasts Impressive Energy Density

Doubling the energy density, and thus range of the state-of-the-art electric vehicles to some 620 miles (1,000 km) is the stated goal of Mobile Energy Storage Systems out of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Dresden, Germany.

The Electric, Driverless Revolution Is About to Hit the High Seas

Fully electric ship Yara Birkeland to be launched next year Will be controlled remotely in 2019, fully automated by 2020

The Elite Want to Transfer Consciousness to a New Body and Live Forever

There's a body of research -- treatments, cures, procedures -- that are afforded by wealthy elites, quietly worked on in private labs and little talked about in the media. The never ending quest for immortality has truly never ended.

Tesla plans 10-20 gigafactories which would eventually be about 12 to 24 million vehicles per year

Tesla had its annual shareholders meeting on June 6, 2017 and there were many big announcements in it.

Welcome to Salinas! The Farming Town Where Robots Reign

In Salinas Valley, about an hour and a half south of San Francisco, farmers and tech types are joining forces to turn this place into a kind of Silicon Valley for agriculture.

Delivery drone patent packs a parachute into a shipping label

Commercial delivery drones are already taking flight, but before the system really gets off the ground, there are plenty of big-picture details to sort out.

Novel 3D printer puts continuous printing on the table

At the heart of many of today's 3D printers is a stationary print bed, which means that if you want to print a really, really long object like a company logo for above the office door or hollow tubing, it would likely take several print runs and some

DARPA Picks Boeing To Build Its New Space Plane

The research agency hopes its XS-1 jumpstarts a whole new industry of very-low-cost satellite launches.

Fiber-reinforced hydrogel is 5 times stronger than steel

Hydrogels have shown significant potential in everything from wound dressings to soft robots, but their applications have been limited from their lack of toughness - until now.

Moon as unprospected eighth continent that will produce trillionaires

Moon Express is one of only two teams in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition with a verified launch contract for its 2017 lunar mission. In October 2015, Moon Express announced that it had signed the worlds' first multi-mission launch contract with

China plans asteroid base for interstellar travel and mining

It's one small step for man, one giant opportunity for miners. With some of Earth's valuable resources dwindling, space mining is looming as the new frontier for world governments.

Graphene inherits superconductor qualities when close to superconductors

MIT physicists have found that a flake of graphene, when brought in close proximity with two superconducting materials, can inherit some of those materials' superconducting qualities. As graphene is sandwiched between superconductors, its electroni

Home Sweet Dome

The Monolithic houses dotting the country that protect against tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires

SpaceX plans to launch first internet-providing satellites in 2019

SpaceX has its sights set on Mars, but that doesn't mean it has forgotten about Earth.

45 Cool Things to 3D Print Which Are Actually Useful

Like us, you're tremendously excited by the possibilities of 3D printing. Unfortunately, the landscape is cluttered with trinkets, doodads and ornaments. We're in danger of drowning in 3D printed objects that nobody wants or needs.

Impresión 3D IN-SITU mediante robots accionados por cables

Impresión 3D IN-SITU de grandes componentes constructivos o pequeños edificios mediante robots accionados por cables.

Elon Musk: 100 Tesla Gigafactories Could Power The Entire World

Leonardo DiCaprio and Elon Musk convened in his Gigafactory to talk lithium ion batteries, climate change, and the future of alternative energy sources.

Game changing 3D printers for low cost metal parts

A startup will soon launch game changing 3-D printers that can fabricate metal parts cheaply and quickly enough to make the technology practical for widespread use in product design and manufacturing.

Naysayer Reality Check: Waymo's Self-Driving Taxi Debuts in Phoenix, for Free

Every time I do a post on self-driving vehicles, readers respond that it cannot happen and won't happen for a decade, if ever.

Space May Be Next Frontier for Earth's Crude Oil Giants, Analyst Says

The Middle East has an outsize impact on energy here on Earth. One analyst thinks some regional powerhouses may leverage that role into the development of natural resources in space.

No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car

CLEARLAKE, Calif. -- On a recent afternoon, an aerospace engineer working for a small Silicon Valley company called Kitty Hawk piloted a flying car above a scenic lake about 100 miles north of San Francisco.

Lilium's Funky 'Jet' Could Make Our Dreams of Flying Cars Come True

Looking at it, you wouldn't think the Lilium Jet could fly. It looks more like a computer mouse than any aircraft you've seen, and its 36 small propellers run on electricity, not jet fuel.

Elon Musk Announces Plans To Launch All-Electric Semi Truck In September

All electric, presumably self-driving and gargantuan in size, it could make cargo transportation safer and less detrimental to the environment.