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Solar Panel Farm Yields 17,000 Tons Of Food Annually In The Worst Climates

Sundrop Farms is challenging traditional farming by producing food in the worst areas of the world.

How To Make a Dutch Bucket Filmed by my wife

How To Make a Dutch Bucket Filmed by my wife

Solar-Powered Floating Farm Could Produce 20 Tons Of Vegetables Daily

The future of farming is sustainable and not land-based.

Lab grown meat prices have dropped 30,000 times in less than four years and ---

---are about 3-4 times more expensive than regular ground beef

IKEA Just Released Free Plans For A Sustainable Garden That Can Feed A Neighborhood

Learn how to build a spherical garden in 17 steps with this open source design provided by IKEA.

Demand for organic food creating new "gold rush" for producers

(Natural News) The demand for organic food has grown so dramatically in recent years that experts are likening it to a "gold rush mentality," as producers scramble to transition their fields to earn organic certification.

Morgan Irons is Running Her Own Martian Farming Experiment

"We want to help with human expansion into deep spaces on Earth, Mars, and beyond."

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

Britta Riley wanted to grow her own food (in her tiny apartment). So she and her friends developed a system for growing plants in discarded plastic bottles -- researching, testing and tweaking the system using social media, trying many variations at

Bowl-Shaped Roofs Harvest Rainwater To Naturally Cool Homes In Arid Environments

This intriguing concept collects rainwater and cools homes in desertic climates.

Inexpensive new solar still ups water purification efficiency

In areas where clean water isn't easily accessible, solar stills can help purify available water that might be dirty or salty.

Regenerative Villages That Produce Their Own Food And Energy Set To Roll Out In 2018

Off-grid housing that actually works for families is hard to come by, but that's what ReGen Villages is striving towards with their concept for new self-sustaining communities.

3D Printing Membranes Could Change Water Treatment As We Know It

3D printing has come a long way in the past few years. Printers that once could only produce thick plastic can now churn out flexible material, metal, and now even semi-permeable membranes.

Desert Farm Grows 17,000 Tons of Food without Soil, Pesticides, Fossil Fuels or Groundwater

Using coconut husks, 23,000 mirrors to reflect solar power, and desalinated water, Sundrop Farms situated in Port Augusta - a desert area in Australian - works agricultural voodoo. Without resorting to pesticides, needing to rely on rainfall, or



ULTIMATE BugOut Bag Part I

In this episode we cover the contents of my Bug Out Bag. This is a two part series. Please like, share, and subscribe.


Online retail giant granted patent for astonishing blimp which can carry a vast fleet of robotic flying vehicles

Tales from Beekeeping: My Expectations vs. the Reality

It has almost been a full year that I have been a beekeeper. It has been a fun and fascinating adventure.

New App Aims To Be The "Shazam" For Plants By Identifying Species With Just A Photo

This app is quickly becoming the go-to for identifying plants in the wild.

Should Preppers Be Vegetarian? - Tarrin It Up

Is it a good idea to have livestock in a SHTF scenario? We examine the true cost of keeping animals compared to just growing vegetables.

How To Grow Shitake Mushrooms At Home

In this video I interview John from Catskill Fungi about how to grow exotic Shitake mushrooms at home.

How to Start a Fire in the Rain: An Illustrated Guide

Knowing how to start a fire is one thing; knowing how to do it in the rain is a whole other. Whether you're a frequent camper, or an avid hiker, it's an important skill to have.

Election Chaos Fears Have Preppers Stockpiling Survival Food

In case of an election night Doomsday, preppers are running up sales of emergency survival food.

Aid Innovation Challenge - Finalists announced

Access to clean water may be a basic human right but people caught in a humanitarian crisis often have to forego this

New Solar Panels Pull Drinking Water From The Air Because Clean Water Is A Human Right

These solar panels are seriously changing the game for both tap water and clean energy.

How To Make A 45 Pound PVC Slingbow for $5 Zommbie Defence , fishing , compact

This video shows you how to easly make a 45 pound slingbow for less than $5

Sling Bow Final Modification How To

As you can see this is my original idea and design from 2009 we have since molded a rest for this purpose in which we own the design patent, we are currently waiting on Utility Patent Approval

12 simple cooking hacks everyone should know

If you're an amateur in the kitchen, meal preparation can be a slow process. But there are plenty of hacks that can make the process faster and more efficient.

Surviving in the Wild: 19 Common Edible Plants

So you're stranded in the wilderness. You consumed the last nub of your Clif Bar two days ago, and now you're feeling famished.

How To: Make A Seed Bomb And Transform Your Local Community

Seed bombs allow activists to sporadically plant fruits, vegetables, and flowers for community members to utilize.

Deadly infections from medical devices could be ended by using Manuka honey

(NaturalNews) Manuka honey is a unique and highly beneficial type of honey produced in Australia and New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, also known as tea tree. Recently touted as a superfood, Manuka honey has been used by indigenous

Gaza Man's DIY Solar Desalination Machine Purifies 2.8 Gallons Of Water Each Day

This activist's invention may save lives, considering that Gaza is expected to run out of drinkable water within the next few months.


Introducing the Water Generator.

New sensor chip will give you quick analysis of your drinking water

The company hoping to do away with the idea of sending something off to a lab for analysis has introduced the second of four planned sensor chips for its hand-held chemical analyzer.

This Miracle Honey Kills More Bacteria Than All Antibiotics

Not only does it kill bacteria, but it prevents them from building up an immunity - a major problem with most antibiotics today.

Robots Will Revolutionize Farming But Farm Workers Will Lose

The global food system is changing radically as high-tech robots are put into service for every conceivable job. The giant corporate farm will finally be able to drive small farmers completely out of business in the process. ? TN Editor

Amazing Homemade Inventions

Amazing Homemade Inventions

Aquaponics Startup in South Africa

Here's a notable aquaponics story this Thirst-day. A 13-year-old girl from north of Pretoria, South Africa runs a promising aquaponics startup while still in school as shown in this inspiring video from October, 2015. On the Expresso Show.

21 Life Hacks To Help You Breeze Through the Apocalypse...

21 Life Hacks To Help You Breeze Through the Apocalypse (or at Least the Next Power Outage)

Kimbal Musk's "Urban Farming Accelerator" Grows 2 Acres of Food in a Single Shipping C

The demand for real, local food is growing as more people become aware that agribusiness corporations such as Monsanto, along with lobbying groups like the Grocery Manufacturers Association, have a frightening grip on the nation's food system.

Scientists Develop 'Nanopores' That Inexpensively Filter the Salt Out of Seawater

There you have it, folks - the world's first thirsty water filter. We love it! The next steps for the researchers are partnering with manufacturers who can bring their modelled desalination technique to life. The first step will be testing, but

7 Survival Skills they should teach in school

I clearly remember Sidney Poitier playing the part of Mark Thackeray in the epic movie, "To Sir, With Love." He had been hired to teach a group of inner-city high school students, but he soon found himself involved in their lives. His students we

25 Must Have Items for Your Survival Hygiene Kit

During or following a disruptive event, life will be tough enough without having to worry about maintaining health and preventing disease. Why then, do I find the topic of a survival hygiene kit taking a backseat to articles about food, water, bug-o

No Outdoor Space? No Problem, You Can Put A Nanofarm In Your Kitchen

This is the solution for people without garden space or a green thumb to maintain produce.

Graphene-based Sheets Make Dirty Water Drinkable Simply and Cheaply

Engineers at the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) have developed graphene-based biofoam sheets that can be laid on dirty or salty dams and ponds to produce clean drinking water, using the power of the sun. This new technique could be a chea

How To Hand Dig Your Own Shallow Well on the Cheap - Get Off The Grid

I go old school and hand dig a well on the cheap. I wanted the well for the garden and for emergencies for power outages.

Apple picking robots headed for the farm

Over two centuries, little has changed in the way apples are harvested; by and large, it is still a manual process.

How to build a simple PVC Hand Pump - the Peters Pump

This video shows you how to build the Peters Pump, a simple inexpensive direct-acting PVC hand pump suitable for shallow wells.

Nine Things You Can Learn from Camping That Will Make You a Better Prepper

One of the best ways to test your survival skills is to spend some time outdoors, without electricity, running water, and flushable toilets.

Things All Scouts Should Know: 16 Camping and Life Hacks from 1911

In 1911, the first edition of Boys' Life magazine was published. The first several issues included a short-lived section called "Things All Scouts Should Know," which featured short, practical tips for boys at home and out camping.

25 Survival Skills Everyone Needs

In our fast-paced technologically-centered modern world, many adults have never learned some of the basic skills need for self-sufficiency or survival. We've complied a list of some of the crucial skills everyone should know, for day-to-day life, h