Energy independence turns the gears of the visionary’s imagination, and grants us individual control of our modern lives. No meaningful alternative to the Crown’s system can be achieved without exploring decentralized energy production and storage.

Tesla Solar Roof Smooth And Textured To Go On Sale Today

Today is the day when two variants of Tesla's solar roof will launch.

Simple Survival Earthship Walk Through

Enjoy a short guided tour of a 1U Simple Survival Earthship with all off-grid systems. Construction drawings for this building and other Simple Survival designs are included in our app for $9.99

New process for manufacturing PV cells means cheaper solar power

A major roadblock to the mass use of solar energy are photovoltaic (PV) solar cells.

Increasing the energy density of batteries...

Jeff Dahn is recognized as one of the pioneering developers of the Li-ion battery.

Pilot Commercial plants for Spray on Solar cells will start in 2018

A future when solar cells can be sprayed or printed onto the windows of skyscrapers or atop sports utility vehicles -- and at prices potentially far cheaper than today's silicon-based panels could begin in 2018.

LPP Fusion working on inpurities for Tungsten anode and in the summer will have...

Hardric Labs in Massachusetts has reported to LPPFusion that its work on machining the new beryllium cathode is nearing completion and they expect to ship the finished piece in early March, only a few weeks behind their initial schedule.

Angela Belcher: Using nature to grow batteries

Inspired by an abalone shell, Angela Belcher programs viruses to make elegant nanoscale structures that humans can use. Selecting for high-performing genes through directed evolution, she's produced viruses that can construct powerful new batteries,

Three layers of graphene reveals a new kind of magnet

However, in graphene -- one atom thick graphite -- the density of electrons is much smaller and can be changed by making a transistor. As a result of the low density of electrons the wave nature of electrons, as described by quantum mechanics, is eas

Moon as unprospected eighth continent that will produce trillionaires

Moon Express is one of only two teams in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition with a verified launch contract for its 2017 lunar mission. In October 2015, Moon Express announced that it had signed the worlds' first multi-mission launch contract with

LG Chem Launches Residential Energy Storage Systems In U.S.

If you make the cells themselves, why not make the energy storage system to go around them?

Graphene inherits superconductor qualities when close to superconductors

MIT physicists have found that a flake of graphene, when brought in close proximity with two superconducting materials, can inherit some of those materials' superconducting qualities. As graphene is sandwiched between superconductors, its electroni

TankTwo String Batteries

Franco Gonzales of IDTechEx interviews Bert Holtappels of TankTwo about their battery packs for electric cars at the IDTechEx Show! In Berlin. TankTwo's system is comprised of multiple individual intelligent cells made from same material as traditi

New Materials - More Energy from the Battery of the Future | Tomorrow Today

Hopes are riding on electric motors to power the cars of the future. Their Achilles heel is the batteries. They're too heavy, too short-lived and take too long to re-charge.Now

The future of rechargeable batteries

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are developing car and smartphone batteries that can hold 50 percent more energy.

Southern California Edison To Bring Online 50 MW Tesla Powerpack 2 Systems

California will shortly bring more Tesla energy storage systems online in Southern California Edison's (SCE's) service area.

A Look Inside A Tesla Battery Cell Shows Superiority Over Standard 18650 – Video

ARIES RC channel, that is promoting new technology (specifically new battery technology) in unmanned UAVs, released an interesting video on Tesla's lithium-ion battery (of which they sell on ebay).

A copper oxide solar cells on top of regular silicon solar cells ----

----cold boost energy conversion up to 40% from 25% today

New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future and puts chemical ...

from sunlight on the fast track to commercial viability ...Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have--in just two years--nearly doubled

Rolls Royce has 450 MW modular nuclear reactor design

Rolls-Royce's director of technology and engineering, John Molyneux gave more details on Rolls-Royce's new reactor design and the next steps in its development when speaking to the European Young Nuclear Generation Forum event in Manchester, orga

China completing another nuclear reactor and Japan's court clear two more reactors for restart

1. Unit 4 of the Fuqing nuclear power plant in China's Fujian province has begun fuel loading. The unit is expected to start up later this year.

New Paper Ream-Like Battery Boasts Impressive Energy Density

Doubling the energy density, and thus range of the state-of-the-art electric vehicles to some 620 miles (1,000 km) is the stated goal of Mobile Energy Storage Systems out of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Dresden, Germany.

IVYS Simple Fuel Station Offers Homemade Hydrogen For $250,000 – live video

It's a lot cheaper than a full-scale H2 station, that's for sure.

Lightning Motorcycles Gunning For 400-Mile Single-Charge Run

According to Lightning Motorcycles, the company intends to test an eMoto capable of traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco without a recharge. The run is expected to be late this summer or early fall.

Small nuclear fusion space and energy systems using high efficiency RF heating

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory has two NASA grants.

Tesla plans 10-20 gigafactories which would eventually be about 12 to 24 million vehicles per year

Tesla had its annual shareholders meeting on June 6, 2017 and there were many big announcements in it.

Tomahawk 370 Mile Electric Supercar Enters Production In 2018, 60 MPH In 2 Seconds

Dubuc Motors has announced that its $125,000 or so electric sports car, the Tomahawk, is now scheduled for production in 2018, complete with 0-60 mph time in 2 seconds*.

An interview with alleged KickassTorrents founder in his jail cell in Poland

In July 2016, Artem Vaulin left Ukraine for a vacation to Iceland with his family, but he never made it to his destination.

Volvo CEO: Consumers Want EVs, So That's What We'll Make

Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson revealed that his company is updating its business model to a changing world; a world that is demanding more and more plug-in vehicles.

Consumer Reports Runs The Numbers On Tesla's Solar Roof

Consumer Reports, which six months ago was skeptical about the viability of Tesla's Solar Roof product, has once again "done the math" using newly announced pricing estimations.

Meet The Guy Who Beat A Tesla P100D With His $13,000 Trash Car

He's done it again. Eric Lundgren took parts that other people thought were trash, turned them into a DIY, long-range EV he called the Phoenix.

New, more efficient catalyst for water splitting

Discovery could remove hurdle to producing hydrogen from water

New Tesla Patent Lists Method For Charging Lithium-Air Battery

Tesla has filed an updated patent related to metal-air batteries.

Bloqueplás. Sistema Contructivo con Bloques de Plástico Recuperado

Casas de Plástico elaboradas con el sistema constructivo Bloqueplás. La re-utilización del plástico para proyectos arquitectónicos, permite construir casas de manera rápida, con alta durabilidad y bajo costo. Sistema que aporta al cuidado amb

Home Sweet Dome

The Monolithic houses dotting the country that protect against tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires

$6,800 House Made From Recycled Plastic Bricks Was Constructed In 5 Days

This eco-friendly abode is combustion resistant, meets local earthquake-resistance requirements, and is very insulated due to the unique bricks.

This Vancouver Startup Is Chasing the Dream of Clean, Limitless Energy Forever

Nuclear fusion is always "50 years away." But now it could finally, almost be here.

You Don't Have to Wait for Tesla to Get Your Electric Pickup Truck

Americans love pickup trucks. The mighty Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for 35 years, and last year the Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado placed second and third. The basic design of this quintessential American vehicle

$13,000 DIY Electric Car Drives 340 Miles On 2/3rds Of Its Battery – Video

In order to show the potential of ITAP's hybrid recycling method, they pit a Tesla Model S P90D, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan LEAF, and "The Phoenix" against each other on a highway range test.

Game changing 3D printers for low cost metal parts

A startup will soon launch game changing 3-D printers that can fabricate metal parts cheaply and quickly enough to make the technology practical for widespread use in product design and manufacturing.

Want Electric Airplanes?

Sorry, But You Gotta Start Small and Boring

3 Off-grid ways to save money on your electric bill

In our topsy-turvy world, it's hard to predict from one week to the next what will happen.

Homemade Evap. Air Cooler - The "5 Gallon Bucket" Swamp Cooler! DIY - can be solar powered

How to make an Evap./Swamp Air Cooler using a 5 gallon bucket. Evaporative Cooler works very well. easy to make. powerful breeze. low temps. for even more cooling add ice to the water. holds 2 gallons of water at a time. takes about 15 watts of power

Space May Be Next Frontier for Earth's Crude Oil Giants, Analyst Says

The Middle East has an outsize impact on energy here on Earth. One analyst thinks some regional powerhouses may leverage that role into the development of natural resources in space.

In the Age of Trump, China Eyes Electric Car Dominance

IF YOU'RE CHARGED up for a world of electric cars, consider booking a trip to China. This week, the world's automakers gathered at the Shanghai Auto Show to reveal their latest wares, pulling the cover of one electric after another.

Plug-In Cadillac CT6 Has Arrived In The US, Complete With 31 Miles Electric Range

We can count the number of built-in-China, sold-in-the-US vehicles offered today on one hand…but when one of them is a plug-in, we take notice.

Rare Look Inside Tesla Gigafactory

Via a Tesla supplier, we get a rare look inside the Gigafactory.