Energy independence turns the gears of the visionary’s imagination, and grants us individual control of our modern lives. No meaningful alternative to the Crown’s system can be achieved without exploring decentralized energy production and storage.

LPP Fusion working on inpurities for Tungsten anode and in the summer will have...

Hardric Labs in Massachusetts has reported to LPPFusion that its work on machining the new beryllium cathode is nearing completion and they expect to ship the finished piece in early March, only a few weeks behind their initial schedule.

Aston Martin Rapide To Ditch V12 In Favor Of Electric In 2018

Aston Martin Rapide To Lose V12 Engine And Go Electric In 2018 The naturally aspirated Rapide S will be phased out to make room for the all-electric RapidE.

Angela Belcher: Using nature to grow batteries

Inspired by an abalone shell, Angela Belcher programs viruses to make elegant nanoscale structures that humans can use. Selecting for high-performing genes through directed evolution, she's produced viruses that can construct powerful new batteries,

General Atomics doubles the energy density in power supply for railguns

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced today that it has developed a High Energy Pulsed Power Container (HEPPC) that provides twice the energy density than existing railgun pulsed power solutions.

Elon Musk says 100 MWH million battery storage to solve South Australia electricity...

Elon Musk says 100 MWH million battery storage to solve South Australia electricity crisis can be installed within 100 days of signing or its free

Three layers of graphene reveals a new kind of magnet

However, in graphene -- one atom thick graphite -- the density of electrons is much smaller and can be changed by making a transistor. As a result of the low density of electrons the wave nature of electrons, as described by quantum mechanics, is eas

Toyota i-Tril Concept Debuts In Geneva

The company thinks this electric three-seater would appeal to women between 30 and 50 years old.

The future of travel? First photos of Hyperloop test track built in Nevada desert

It was designed by California company Hyperloop One, who has unveiled ambitious plans to transport people or cargo between cities at near-supersonic speed.

New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future and puts chemical ...

from sunlight on the fast track to commercial viability ...Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have--in just two years--nearly doubled

This Company Just Made A 3D-Printed Home In 24 Hours For $10K

There's no doubt about it, this technology is a game-changer.

Tesla Powerpack & Craft Beer Come Together At Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Not too long ago, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was just one of many little craft breweries popping up all over the U.S. Now, it's mainstream and produces a pale ale that most beer lovers have enjoyed. Sierra Nevada just added Tesla Powerpack batte

Tesla Battery Teardown In 9 Minutes – Video

Tesla battery packs are considered state-of-the-art, and have some of the highest energy density capacity in the industry.

Shaped femtosecond laser pulses might be able to improve muon catalyzed fusion for energy generation

Scientists at Rice University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Chile offered a glimpse into a possible new path toward controlled nuclear fusion.

Contoured 180 watt Solar roof for electric and hybrid cars

Outside the USA, Panasonic will offer a 180 watt solar roof for the Tesla Model 3 and other electric and hybrid vehicles.

This Guy Is Building a Sustainable Martian Habitat in His Backyard

Early last year, Jeff Raymond was hit with an epiphany. Despite enjoying the benefits of agricultural developments, he and his wife came to realize they weren't doing anything to contribute to sustainable agriculture themselves.

VIDEO: Disruptive Technology and Free Energy Under Donald Trump?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews an expert on disruptive technology and creator of the Thrive documentary Foster Gamble.

Solar Panel Farm Yields 17,000 Tons Of Food Annually In The Worst Climates

Sundrop Farms is challenging traditional farming by producing food in the worst areas of the world.

Inside the Race to Build the Battery of Tomorrow

is story originally appeared on Grist and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The battery might be the least sexy piece of technology ever invented.

Spark Racing Technology Releases Concept Images Of New Formula E Cars

Spark Racing Technology, the company engaged for the design of first Formula E racers (SRT01), won a new tender last year for the next generation cars (for season 5 in 2018-2019).

Molten Silicon thermal energy storage system has higher energy density...

1414 Degrees had its origins in patented (Australian) CSIRO research and has built a prototype molten silicon storage device which it is testing at its Tonsley Innovation Precinct site south of Adelaide.

Nanostructured electrode could boost lithium battery storage by 50%

The Nanodeā„¢ is a three-dimensional, nano-structured, porous electrode that will overcome the limitations of today's batteries by storing as much as 50% more energy than existing technologies.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Now Shipping With 2170 Gigafactory Batteries Inside

Tesla is finally ready to begin Powerwall 2 production and deliveries in earnest after fulfilling early batch of Powerpack 2 orders.

NASA developing carbon nanotube-based, ultra-high strength, lightweight aerospace---

--- structural material within five years for Stronger and lighter vehicles and Mars habitats

Perovskite mixed into solar ink can print 20.1% efficient solar onto glass or plastic

A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper.

"Rebar graphene" foam supports 3,000 times its own weight

Graphene spends most of its time in a two-dimensional form, but that makes it hard to make use of its long list of advantages, like its strength, light weight, and electricity and heat conduction.

Tata AirPod Compressed-Air Car To Launch In Hawaii This Year: Report

A few years ago, there was a flurry of interest in compressed-air cars--but, forgive the pun, that seemed to deflate quickly.

Telsa Motors will begin pilot production of the Model 3 on Feb 20 2017...

Tesla has told suppliers it planned to begin test-building its Model 3 sedans on Feb. 20, according to people familiar with the matter, a move that could allay concerns about the company meeting its target to start production in July.

Hitachi and Honda team up for cheaper electric motors

As electric cars become more common, manufacturers are battling to find new ways to improve their hardware and lower costs.

China will go from 1% solar power in 2016 to possibly 2.5% power generation from solar in 2020

China's installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity more than doubled last year, turning the country into the world's biggest producer of solar energy by capacity, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said on Saturday.

Process for producing ammonia that generates electricity instead of consuming energy...

Process for producing ammonia that generates electricity instead of consuming energy. 500 million tons of ammonia are made each year for fertilizer

Toward all-solid lithium batteries

Most batteries are composed of two solid, electrochemically active layers called electrodes, separated by a polymer membrane infused with a liquid or gel electrolyte.

Bizarre metal conducts electricity without heating up

In an apparent contradiction to textbook physics, a metal has been identified that conducts electricity but produces almost no heat in the process.

Tokamak Energy plans net electricity production fusion by 2025...

Tokamak Energy plans net electricity production fusion by 2025 and commercial grid production by 2030

Surge in Utility Scale Battery Projects

Three massive battery storage plants--built by Tesla, AES Corp., and Altagas Ltd.--are all officially going live in southern California at about the same time.

Metallic Hydrogen update

Thomas D. Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences Isaac Silvera and postdoctoral fellow Ranga Dias have long sought the material, called atomic metallic hydrogen.

2017 terahertz science and technology roadmap

Here is a 50 page 2017 terahertz science and technology roadmap from the Journal of Physics D- Applied Physics

A majorly better way of growing microalgae?

Among other things, microalgae is a potentially valuable source of biofuel. Unfortunately, however, growing it on a large scale can be a rather fussy process, making it less likely to be adopted commercially.

Did Harvard really create the "holy grail" of solid metallic hydrogen?

Researchers at Harvard University say they've managed to create a potentially revolutionary material that has only been imagined in theory for the past several decades: solid metallic hydrogen.

These slow-burning logs made out of coffee grounds, paraffin wax...

Most people throw out their coffee grounds without a second thought. Some toss them on the compost heap for fertilizer. A few students, however, are using spent coffee grounds in another way, one that is capable of helping others in need.

Physicists patent detonation technique to mass-produce graphene

A Kansas State University team of physicists has discovered a way to mass-produce graphene with three ingredients: hydrocarbon gas, oxygen and a spark plug.

Residential turbine design inspired by hummingbird wings

As unconventional wind turbines go, the flapping machine introduced by Tunisian company Tyer Wind is on the far edge of quirky.

Near term off-grid electrification for 1.2 billion people

1.2 billion people currently do not have electricity. It costs $800-2000 per person to connect people to a grid many poor countries do not the means or capacity to create a universal national grid.

Semiconductor for next generation power electronics

Researchers have demonstrated the high-performance potential of an experimental transistor made of a semiconductor called beta gallium oxide, which could bring new ultra-efficient switches for applications such as the power grid, military ships and a

Scientists unleash graphene's innate superconductivity

Already renowned for its potential to revolutionize everything from light bulbs and dental fillings through to semiconductors and motorcycle helmets, graphene can now add innate superconductivity to its repertoire.

Creating atomic scale graphene nanoribbons

Silicon crystals are the semiconductors most commonly used to make transistors, which are critical electronic components used to carry out logic operations in computing.