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Aether Cruise Experience

This is my final year university project for Transport Design BA (Hons) at the University of Huddersfield. This is a luxury cruise concept based upon an airship platform. This allows passengers to travel at high speed in luxury. It is also provide t


GEORGE HARRISON for the Sun reports THIS is the enormous £23million zeppelin Vladimir Putin is planning to develop in order to open up Siberia. The Putin-led Russian Security Council plans to use the futuristic "half plane, half airship" to acce

Solar surveillance: Airship designed for stratospheric snooping enters development stage (VIDEO)

A French weapons manufacturer is developing a stratospheric airship, dubbed the Stratobus, that could act as a high-altitude eye in the sky for government agencies around the world.

Red zeppelin: Russia set to unveil military airships capable of carrying 200 personnel...

Red zeppelin: Russia set to unveil military airships capable of carrying 200 personnel and traveling up to 105mph without the need for a runway

Lockheed's Hybrid Airship Is Part Blimp, Part Hovercraft, No Hot Air

The rebirth of the airship is the perennial Next Big Thing in aviation.

Lockheed's Hybrid Airship Is Part Blimp, Part Hovercraft, No Hot Air

The rebirth of the airship is the perennial Next Big Thing in aviation. Of course, any talk of reviving the genre that never quite rose to meet its proponents' lofty expectations comes with the inevitable wisecracks about the Hindenburg.

What is KNARR™?

This simplified airship freight system involves very little infrastructure to make wind energy easily accessible everywhere - leading the way in greener, more efficient transport of heavy goods.

Long Distance Transport | The CL AirShip | The CargoLifter

Based on proven and certified components of the AirTruck product range, CargoLifter can develop and build a full-fledged AirShip.

CargoLifter CL160, Germany

The CargoLifter CL 160 is a semi-rigid airship under development by CargoLifter AG, a German company that plans to build airships capable of carrying enormous loads for the bulk air freight market.

Flyboard Air redefines the concept of a hoverboard (Publisher Recommended)

The Air ditches the water jet for what appears to be a jet turbine engine, and allows him to fly untethered through the sky to a maximum height of 10,000 feet and a maximum endurance of 10 minutes. (ahhhh,... No Freaking Way!!!)

Solar Impulse Just Completed Its Momentous Flight Around the World

Sun haters, to the left. Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Abu Dhabi today, becoming the first fuel-free plane to successfully circumnavigate the globe.

Carbon Nanotube Fiber.....

First expandable habitat installed on ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) received an exciting renovation today as the experimental Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) was successfully attached to the Tranquility module.

Spinning nanotube fibers at Rice University

Scientists have created the first pure carbon nanotube fibers that combine many of the best features of highly conductive metal wires, strong carbon fibers and pliable textile thread. In a Jan. 11 paper in the journal Science, researchers from Rice U

Inflatable Space Baron Bigelow Says He Wants A Disney Space Station

Inks deal to launch giant inflatable habitats starting in 2020

Ace Rocketeers Swear They'll Put Inflatable Space Stations in Orbit, and Soon

BIGELOW AEROSPACE MAKES inflatable space habitats. But you only get to use the word "space" if you get those orbs to orbit, and, well, the people at Bigelow aren't exactly rocket scientists. (What? They aren't.)

Private Space Habitat to Launch in 2020 Under Commercial Spaceflight Deal

Two aerospace companies are teaming up to launch giant space habitats to orbit, with the first such liftoff targeted for 2020.

Airborne Giant with 150 metre wingspan

A concept aircraft under development at Boeing's Phantom Works R&D unit, the massive Pelican would have a wingspan of more than 150 m, carry up to 1400 tons of cargo-

Flexible supercapacitor process brings phones that charge in seconds a step closer

Researchers from the University of Central Florida (UCF) have devised a technique for creating flexible supercapacitors that not only store more energy than comparable devices, but can also be fully-charged in seconds and continue to be recharged mor

Blow It Up: Inflatable Space Station Habitat Shows Promise in Early Tests

An inflatable space habitat that could save weight and volume on future missions is showing how well it can do its job. The verdict: So far, it works, and that gives the habitat a better chance of being part of future space efforts.

Meet the Giant Robot That Builds Boeing's Wings

To stay ahead in the war for the skies, Boeing chases a simple goal: sell as many 737 jets as it can. Things get more complicated when it comes to building most popular commercial jet ever.

Thiel-Funded Seasteading Institute Cutting Deal For First Floating Commune Off French Polynesia

Oakland nonprofit the Seasteading Institute, a group devoted to the development of floating colonies adrift from the oppressive moorings of society, has announced its dreams are closer than ever to reality. As soon as 2017, the institute hopes to bre

Gravity Sketch's Wild VR App Will Let You Draw in Mid-Air

Back in 2014, a London-based startup called Gravity Sketch released a prototype for an impressive virtual reality sketching tool.

Vidre-Slide provides clear example of cutting-edge glass

A 9-m (29.5-ft) long fully functional slide is claimed to be the first made entirely out of single pieces of glass.

Carbon M1 Super Fast 3D Printer Demo! (Publisher Recommended)

Watch this complex object get 3D printed in less than 15 minutes. Sean and Norm visit Carbon, the makers of the M1 3D printer, to get a demo of this new super fast 3D printing technology working in real-time. .

New world record set for converting sunlight to electricity

An Australian team has set a new record for squeezing as much electricity as possible out of direct, unfocused sunlight via a new solar cell configuration.

These boots were made for flying:

A chat with France's very own jet-powered fly boy, Franky Zapata

Nanowire battery electrode powers through hundreds of thousands of charge cycles

With high conductivity and a large surface area, nanowires have become quite the candidate for an advanced battery material. But at thousands of times thinner than a human hair, their delicate nature often causes them to fracture throughout the batte

Vader father and son developing liquid metal 3d printing machine

A father and son team in the START-UP NY program have invented a liquid metal printing machine that could represent a significant transformation in manufacturing.

Proposals for new stellerator fusion designs and projects in the 2020s

Although there is as yet no clear path to a practical steady-state fusion system, stellarator research greatly improves the chances for success.

Large quantities of synthetic spider silk spun on demand

Spiders may be scary for some people, but the silk that they produce to weave their webs is very appealing to many scientists. Amazingly tough, yet lightweight, spider silk has been used in everything from biodegradable sutures to violin strings, and

Luxembourg's Bid to Become the Silicon Valley of Space Mining

In the 1980s, during the nascent days of the satellite communications industry, Luxembourg foresaw the fat cat it could become.

MIT makes compressed graphene sponge material that is 20 times less dense...

MIT makes compressed graphene sponge material that is 20 times less dense than steel but 10 times stronger, light as stryofoam but stronger than steel

Scalar Tensor Theory of gravitation to explain EMDrive

EMDrives are claimed to be propellentless space propulsion systems. If propellentless propulsion is possible it could enable fast human travel throughout the solar system and possible interstellar missions.

Towards roll to roll graphene production

An innovative new cheap and simple mass production technique, developed by the University of Exeter, is set to open up the global potential of the 'wonder' material graphene.

Researchers Use World's Smallest Diamonds to Make Wires Three Atoms Wide...

Researchers Use World's Smallest Diamonds to Make Wires Three Atoms Wide for early example of diamondoid assembly

Moon Landings Are Back in Style, and Other Space Trends of 2017

The New Year is upon us at last, so let's all celebrate, make resolutions, and firmly kick 2016's ass out the door.

Jerry Pournelle talks about China's orbital tests of the EMDrive as a bigger than Sputnik moment

Jerry Pournelle is a famed science fiction author who also had an interesting technology career

Lunar Xprize landings are targeted for 2017

The Google Lunar XPrize challenges privately funded teams to be the first to land on the moon, travel 500 meters, and send back pictures, for a $20 million jackpot.

EM Drive is an "impossible" spacecraft engine that generates thrust ...

from the quantum vacuum, using no moving parts and producing no exhaust. (NaturalNews) I'm a fan of physicist Richard Feynman, and one of his most memorable quotes explains that "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts."

Reaction Engines UK progressing to full demonstrator hypersonic engine in 2020 and....

SABRE - Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine - is a new class of engine for propelling both high speed aircraft and spacecraft.

Elon Musk Explains Raptor Engine at IAC Congress Mexico | Engine test included

September 26 SpaceX CEO Elon Musk twitted: "SpaceX propulsion just achieved first firing of the Raptor interplanetary transport engine" Elon Musk revealed more Sept. 27, 2016 at his talk at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Me

Private moon rovers may visit the Apollo 17 landing site

German Xprize team sets its sights on a vintage moon buggy

BEAM returning 'extremely valuable' data about expandable habitats

Having been attached to the International Space Station for six months, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, better known as BEAM, is already providing data that will inform the design of future human-rated expandable space habitats. The module wa

Extraterrestrial Gold Rush: What's Next for the Space Mining Industry?

If humans eventually want to become a space-faring species, we'll need to be able to collect basic resources, like water, straight from the space environment; it's too expensive and risky to send everything up from Earth, most experts agree.

Asteroid mining: The race for space riches

There's gold in them thar asteroids – also iron, nickel, copper and, most valuable of all, water.